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We recommend and produce banisters made of stainless steel (INOX banisters, stainless fences) for business premises and residential buildings.

The banisters can be fixed to interior or exterior staircases, balconies, galleries and terraces or they serve as fencing round buildings and gardens and can also be used as automatic garden gates (sliding gate or double gate).

All is made of stainless steel which has to be treated qualitatively in order to make the room look pleasant. Nowadays banisters don't only have a protecting function but an increasingly aesthetic character as well. In order to preserve the aesthetic appearance of exterior staircases they have to be made of polished INOX material (AISI304 or AISI316) without visible weldseams.
Interior banisters can be made of polished or grounded (satinised) INOX material. INOX tubes, braids, etched or transparent tempered glass or perforated INOX sheet metal can be used as filler. The handle at the interior banister can be made of wood (beech, oak, cherry, ash, maple) with an INOX edge.

Banister maintenance: we recommend to wipe the banister twice a year using a cloth and a scrub-resistant agent (without coarse particles).


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